14th Annual LA AmpShow Day 2

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Pigtronix booth

The annual 14th LA amp show at the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys, Ca proved again to be an enjoyable up close and personal show. This annual 2 day event has a plethora of Guitar, Amp, and pedal manufacturers spread across the hotel hallways. Attendee's are free to discover their favorite gear from room to room.

The SUPRO 1210 Tremolo pedal uses the circuit straight out of the Supro Amp design. Analog design that recreates the vacuum tube effect from the amplifiers of the 60's. The Supro Tremolo has two modes AMPLITUDE and HARMONIC. The Supro drive pedal emulates a Class-A Supro amp from end to end. It was great chatting with their national sales manager Ryan Morgan.

Supro pedals

Nux booth

NUX is a manufacture from oversees with a expansive line of Pedals, and Amps. Everything from Beginner to Pro with a very tech focused feature set.

The Solid Studio is a AMP and Speaker simulator for recording, or direct into your amp. Selectable settings for speaker type and configuration, tube type, and Mic. There is a bonus feature will record your amp and model it's sound into a preset.

Solid studio